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Practical information to forecast your trip
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Coming by car
Where to park
Coming by train or RER
Coming from airports
Visiting Versailles
Visiting Paris
Useful links


16, rue de l'Occident

GPS : N 48° 47' 48.4686'' , E 2° 7' 30.6336''

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Coming by car

A13 highway

From Paris : exit N°5 Versailles-château and turn left.
See and print in Google Maps
From the provinces : exit N°6 Le Chesnay and straight on.
See and print in Google Maps

A86 / N12 highway.

From Paris : exit N°5 Versailles-château / Satory and turn right (Beware of tight bend...).
See and print in Google Maps
From the provinces : exit N°3 Buc / Versailles-chantiers and turn right (Beware of tight bend...).
See and print in Google Maps

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We do not have a private parkplace.

On arrival, if no other place is available in the street and despite the road signs (we're in France...), you can park your car a few minutes in front of the big green doors at the end of the Rue de l'Occident to drop your luggage and get the keys. (see that in Google Street)

Here's a map of the surronding parkplaces (you'll walk under 10 minutes) :

Les Carrés

Furnished apartment in Versailles - France
You may park around for 2.2 euros / hour or 33 euros / day (2019).
You can use the Paybyphone app to remotly pay your parking (more info on the UK Paybyphone Website or the US paybyphone Website).This service is available in 83 other french cities (including Paris, Lyon, Calais, Chartres, Nice, Fontainebleau...) as well as in United States, England and Canada.

Parking Cathédrale

Underground parkplace
Tel : 33 (0) 1 39 51 47 26
Per hour and flat rates - Places for disabled - Max. height 1.9 m.
You can book online on the Interparking Website.

Parking Avenue de Sceaux

Open air parkplace
Tel : 33 (0) 1 30 97 81 74
Per hour from 8AM to 7PM, 2.2 euros / hour (2019).

Parking Gare des Chantiers

(Closed for rebuilding).

Parking Place d'Arme

Open air parkplace
Tel : 33 (0) 1 39 51 47 26
The most expensive (from 2.4 to 4.8 euros / hour)
but free at night.(2019).

Parking gratuit

Cars are parked here everyday and Versailles is a secure area
this place is free but at your own risks and...if you're an athletic person! (see in Google Street)

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Coming by train or RER

By RER C :

Take a train labelled VICK towards Versailles Rive Gauche.
Get out of the station and walk to the rue Royale on your left, up to the rue du marché neuf on your right. Take the rue de l'Occident on your left before the Passage Saint Louis, and cross the rue d'Anjou up to N°16.

Walking time : about 10 minutes.

Through the Montparnasse station :

Take a train towards gare Versailles Chantiers
Get out of the station, walk down the slope and turn left to the bus station.
At the end, turn right under the metal footbridges, walk on up to a parking and turn left along the Edouard Charton street..
Take the rue d'Anjou first on your right, et go on down up to the rue de l'Occident on your left.

Walking time : about 15 / 20 minutes.

Through the SNCF Saint Lazare station :

Take a train towards Versailles Rive Droite.
Get out of the station, turn left in the rue du Maréchal Foch.
Go straight on and cross the city center up to the
rue d'Anjou on your right.
Turn left in the
rue de l'Occident.

Alternatively, take the Line 3 bus in front of the station BUT accross the street, and step down at the "Tournelles" bus stop.

Walking time : about 25 / 30 minutes.

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Coming from airports

From Roissy-Charles De Gaulle :

By train :
Get to the RER B (walking from 2C, 2D, 2E and 2F terminals, by shuttle from 1, 2A, 2B, 2G terminals). Take a train towards Paris Saint-Michel Notre-Dame.
Commute to RER C , take a train towards Versailles-Château(see upper).

Transportation time : about 90 minutes.

By taxi :
Your driver should not enter inside Paris! Depending on time and traffic, he'll drive you either through the boulevard périphérique and the A13 highway towards Rouen, or through the A86 highway via Colombes and Nanterre.

Driving time : about 50 minutes with good traffic conditions.

From Paris-Orly :

The best choice is taxi because you're obliged to return to Paris with all public systems.

Driving time : about 35 minutes with good traffic conditions.

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Visiting Versailles

Here are some remarquable places.
(Light blue points = under 15 minutes walking, dark blue points = under 30 minutes walking).

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Visiting Paris

With a high-performance network (train, RER, bus), here are some transportation times to Paris.
(Light blue points = beetween 30 and 60 minutes, dark blue points = under 90 minutes, purple points = beetween 90 minutes and 120 minutes )
(Beware of closing for works in summer. See "useful links" to check your way)

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Useful links

Palace and in town activities :

Official palace Website (in english) : www.chateauversailles.fr

Operas, concerts and fountains shows (in english) : www.chateauversailles-spectacles.fr

Exhibitions, conferences, shows in Versailles (change the language top right of the page) : www.versailles.fr

Touriste office and town guided visits (in english) : www.versailles-tourisme.com

Transportations :

RATP (buses and underground, Paris and suburb - in english) : www.ratp.fr

SNCF national railways (in english) : https://en.oui.sncf/en/

Itineraries in Paris suburb RER + Buses + Trains (in english) : www.transilien.com

Buses in Versailles (in french) : www.phebus.tm.fr

For real time info (in french) :

Traffic in Paris area (real time map) : www.sytadin.fr


Town of Versailles : @Versailles

Versailles palace : @CVersailles

Complete paper tourist information available on the spot.

For any question, please use ourcontact form.

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Wish you a nice stay!